NizTheWiz specific focus is on same-day logistics and courier services. Using mobile devices, social media and the internet, individuals and organizations now have the ability to directly communicate their requirements and manage their own outcomes. No longer at the mercy of third party logistics and courier service providers. Want a quote?

We provide our valued customers with the technology and physical application to completely manage the delivery cycle. Monitoring the process every step of the way through proprietary state of the art technology using our menu of independent couriers. Each courier is vetted thoroughly; security background checks, have the proper insurance and comply with all local regulations for the vehicles they drive. Want to become an Independent Courier?

We provide transportation intelligence to your business by empowering you using our system of couriers and technology to customize your delivery solutions, giving you manageable, meaningful and measurable advantages.

It’s your business, your brand and your company’s bottom line. Our low cost and highly efficient system is designed for your convenience and your management.