We are proud to offer you our advanced state of the art proprietary technology as a tool to enhance your business and empower you to control the delivery of your product and/or service.  Our menu of independent couriers are all connected to the technology and provide the physical application of the delivery/logistics cycle. Our community is made up from a mix of customers and service providers as users of the unique platform we provide. In today’s world old barriers have been removed when it comes to communication and knowledge. Anything you need to know is a click away.

Traditional work methods are changing. Our society is demanding more flexibility in both work and home environments. Productivity is the key to achieving the ever increasing demands of our high tech society. More and more can be achieved away from the traditional workplace. No need to clock in and out and fight the daily rush hour. The Internet connects everyone to everything and everyplace you need to do and be.

NizTheWiz is the click that provides you with the access enabling you to have whatever you sell or provide to be delivered in a professional and expedient manner. It is an extension of you and your business. Whether you are an SME, Fortune 500 or Independent operator we deliver for you any time day or night. Sitting in your office, home or coffee shop you are able to watch your delivery through live tracking, giving you peace of mind and confirmation of job done.

No need to call or be called for updates, simply oversee the process live while working on your next deal. Even sign up as an independent courier and earn supplementary income in your spare time.

We hope you enjoy using our platform and share your experiences with others.

Thank you.