Work the hours you want to work.
And with attractive NizTheWiz delivery rates, you earn good income


Step 1

Complete the simple online application form

Step 2

You will be asked to attend a brief introductory meeting

Bring along your driver's licence, ID card, car registration and current insurance certificate

After the interview, a temporary password will be sent to your email address

Step 3

Download NizTheWiz app to your smart phone and log in. You will be asked to change the temporary password to a new password

You are now ready to start earning with NizTheWiz

Choosing a new job

Log in to the NizTheWiz app and you will receive new job notifications

Click “Bid” on the menu bar and select jobs you want to complete

System will automatically let you know if you are successful

Delivery Process

Our algorithms use a multiple set of criteria when selecting a successful bidder. Route Density is our primary goal. This gives priority to Wizzers with nearby deliveries to maximise Wizzer earnings. Having a high star rating is also crucial in securing new jobs. All this is calculated in milliseconds

How It Works

Step 1

Wizzer takes a picture of the parcel. If necessary the Wizzer adds a note to the comments sections

Step 3

From the Collected List, the Wizzer selects a parcel to be delivered & changes its status to active. This parcel is now On Delivery

Step 2

Customer enters a digital signature on the Wizzer’s phone. The parcel is now on the Collected List

Step 4

Wizzer follows the GPS navigation instructions to the delivery address. The customer at the delivery address enters a digital signature on the Wizzer’s phone. The job is now complete

Get Paid Every Week

Each week you will receive automatic payment directly to your bank account for jobs completed. You will also receive a detailed breakdown of each job