Services FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Almost everything, except for illegal or contraband items. There shall not be conveyed restricted items such as dangerous, hazardous, combustible, explosive noxious or deleterious materials, gold and silver bullion, coin dust, cyanide or any form of uncoiled gold and silver bullion, platinum and other precious metals, precious and semi-precious stones including commercial carbons or industrial diamonds, jeweler currency (paper or coin) of any nationality, travelers’ cheques, indecent or obscene painting, photograph, lithograph, engraving, book or card or any indecent or obscene article, or any prohibited publications, tapes cinematography films or drugs, poisons items of ultrasonic value, firearms or weapons, people, animals or other living creature of any kind.

24/7 anytime you have delivery needs.

We provide same day delivery services in the Klang Valley, Malaysia. Other destinations on request.

We do not take any bookings over the phone, all bookings have to be placed by our online booking system. This allows us to make sure we get all the information correct, keep our pricing low and you will then be able to track your delivery in real time.

Delivery fees are determined by the distance, delivery time and the mode of transportation required. You can get a commitment-free quote within our app.

If you cancel your delivery prior to the wizzer being on route to your location there isn’t any charge.

If the wizzer arrives and no one is at the pickup location you will be charged the full pickup fee. We will however try to contact you by phone and sms and wait up to 10 minutes. If no one is at the drop off location we will wait 10 minutes before we attempt to return your parcel to the pickup location. Return trip rates will apply. If a same-day return of your parcel is not possible, we may need to hold onto the parcel at your own risk until it can be returned. Our wizzers will try to contact you prior to returning your parcel.

You can make payment using your credit card.

Payment will be processed when your delivery is completed.

Our wizzers are vetted with complete background searches. When your job is accepted, you are immediately introduced to your wizzer and his/her contact details.

Jobs are immediately assigned to the closest qualified wizzer. Our algorithm accounts for several different factors such as mode of transportation, location and more to determine which wizzer is best suited for your job.

You cannot request a specific wizzer. We will dispatch your job to the nearest wizzer and the most qualified one will come to pick up your package(s), ensuring your delivery arrives as and when you require.