Wizzer FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

You can register as an Independent Wizzer through our website. Complete the online questionnaire and submit. Your application will be reviewed and if successful, an appointment will be made to attend a brief introductory meeting. You will need to bring your driver’s licence, ID card, car registration and current insurance certificate. After the interview, a temporary password will sent to your email address.

You can download our app from Google Play for Android, Apple Store for Apple products or direct from our website.

After you have downloaded our app, use the temporary password together with your email address to access your account. You will be prompted to change the temporary password to your own choice of password which you must use for future access. If you have any problems please contact us at operations@nizthewiz.com

NizTheWiz provides same day delivery services. Different service levels require different delivery speeds. These vary from deliver today before 6pm, to deliver now.

As soon as you have been approved and have established your password you can access jobs available for bidding.

Our Terms & Conditions clearly outlines what we will not deliver and each customer acknowledges compliance with the terms when accepting our services. You do not have any responsibility regarding the contents of the package you have collected unless prudently you feel there could be a breach of our terms and conditions in which case you contact Operations at NizTheWiz for authorisation to proceed with the delivery.

The customer is required to provide a digital signature accepting the package. If there is a problem with the condition of the package the customer will complete the comments box with details. These comments will be sent immediately to Operations who will respond accordingly. Assuming there are no concerns regarding the condition of the package, the job is complete once the customer has signed for the package.

Each new job that is submitted by our customers will automatically be notified to you. A push notification will tell you the drop-off destination suburb, you are prompted to check the job details by clicking the notification. On the far right of each screen, once tapped you will access the full details of the job. If you are satisfied that you can fulfil the service requirements you click the BID button.

It is important to note we offer a guaranteed delivery service. If your bid is successful, it is your responsibility to ensure the service to the customer is provided. Any delivery that is not delivered in the specified time will not be charged to the customer and subsequently no payment will be made to you, unless there are unforeseen weather or traffic conditions, these must be advised to operations and the customer will be notified and payment processed.

Our automated system will let you know if you are successful and will prompt you to check the NEW job icon which will show the job as being allocated to you.

Our algorithms use a multiple set of criteria when selecting a successful bidder. Route density is our primary goal. This gives priority to Wizzers with nearby deliveries to maximise Wizzer earnings. Having a high star rating is also crucial in securing new jobs. All this is calculated in milliseconds.

You will have full details of the pick-up; customer address and contact details together with any added comments or details. If you need to speak with the customer, simply click the telephone icon.

At the customer location you take a picture of the item. You may contact operations if the item appears damaged or fragile. Operations will tell you how to proceed. There is also a comments section if you need to add any notes about the package.

The customer will enter a digital signature acknowledging package handover to you. Once submitted, the job will be automatically transferred to COLLECTED section of the app.

Each job you have collected is time logged and recorded in the COLLECTED tab. Based on the service requested the system will further provide you with push notifications if the delivery has not been made. Once you are ready with a specific delivery you ACTIVATE the particular job itemised in the COLLECTED list. At this time a pop up advice will appear “Job set to ACTIVE” and will be moved to the ON DELIVERY section of the app.

Please note only one job can be activated as ON DELIVERY it will be the one you are heading to deliver. The location and status of that particular delivery will be visible to the customer. Once delivery is completed you can activate the next scheduled delivery in the same manner.

Each week you will receive automatic payment directly to your bank account for jobs completed. You will also receive a detailed breakdown of each job

This summary is also available in the “Earnings” section on the menu list.